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MAGURA 2013 Frein avant MTS + disque Storm SL 160 mm PM


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Magura this new MTS (Mission Team) which is characterized by the use of the method on the caliper Carbotecture   in order to save weight. But this is not the only new ...

All of the MT range can be used for all types of practices without restriction

The levers

Magura has developed a new material the Carbotecture, manufacturing process-based carbon in a thermoplastic matrix for maximum soliditié.

Aluminum levers are ambidextrous, mounting is possible right and left. The levers are henceforth have a new, more ergonomic shape.
MTS has a trimming guard lever via a screw T25
Maintenance is a simple game since children and single Torx T25 only for installation and purging.

The bracket

The caliper is one piece cold forged aluminum which guarantee maximum rigidity and maximum heat dissipation
The arch between the two pistons (DAD) increases the rigidity and allows using the "keyhole" an active cooling pad. Its open platform facilitates heat dissipation.
The pads can be replaced without removing the wheel.
Hoses are adjustable
New gaskets associated with the shape of the pistons ensure they return to the same position in the mud or gel.
Originally format postmount it comes with a 160mm IS Adapatateur

The discs

The brakes are equipped with disks Storm SL 160mm size.


Pads Magura 7.1 Performance (organic)
Associated with platelet magura, brakes are quieter

Weight checked Alltricks 332gr (with a 160mm disc and without the adapter and screws)

Hose length: 175 cm

Comes with olive shortening disc adapter


  • Changes easy platelets from above without removing the wheel.
  • Magnetic piston for easy placement of platelets.
  • No spring between the pads (automatic adjustment of the brake pad wear provided by seals "bellows" pistons - No pads right - left
  • Torx T25 for all settings on the brakes.
  • Mineral oil safe for the user + ongoing maintenance of the system
  • Quick and easy purge
  • Hose swivel

WARRANTY 5 years: sealed with new replacement


Tipo de pinza Post Mount
Adaptador Ninguno
Disco(s) 160mm - 6 Tornillos
Pistones 2




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